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Exploitatation of the Masses

Explotation-of-MassesThe State-Group of individuals who claim the right to initiate force against others, which processes an exclusive monopoly of ultimate decision-making and conflict arbitration within a specific geographic region.

Corporatists – those benefiting from government-business collusion.

State Violence – exclusive monopoly of various agents such as police and military

Central Banking – with the instrument of central banking, a boom-bust cycle of mal-investment in generated by excessive spending.

The Masses – ultimately the burden and cost of the state fall on the masses who are forced to pay for its unsustainable practices.

Confessions of an Economic Hitman


First comes the E.H.M to bankrupt a country by giving loans that can never be paid back.  Second, if the E.H.M. is not successful, then comes the Jackal to remove the legally elected by assassination.  Third, if the assassination is not successful, the army come to change the government and place a puppet in that can be controlled.

40×56” Digital Collage
by Eugene Wade, 2014
Price: $1,500